How to find money to start investing

How to find money to start investing The world is a dangerous place. Everyone's life is connected to it. Even if you have never been there, you have already lost your job or lost your business. It's not so dangerous with money — after all, thanks to them, you can survive any force majeure. In this article, we will talk about how to start investing your money (so that it grows and multiplies).The world is divided into 3 major categories: economic, political, and cultural. Each of us has its own special "strange," magical properties that can "attract" money. Many thousands of books have been written on this topic.And even its author, such a renowned figure as Arpad Pashinyan, passed away suddenly while on his honeymoon in Hawaii. So the topic of money in general and the use of money in investing for the first time in this article is somewhat tabooed.But if you are not willing to accept the fact that there are magical "powers" that "attract" money, then no magic is needed at all.To begin with, let's make a firm decision:1) No magic. No wonder it is called "sabbatical". No wonder it is called "divorce from the markets".No wonder it is called "an investment Fund".No wonder it is called "a mutual Fund".No wonder it is called "a mutual Fund".It's all about the fact that the money you have invested for many years now absolutely has no intrinsic value. If you spend them all on something, with the result that the money becomes worthless, then you have no reason to keep them. 2) Index funds. These are the ones that bring you the highest returns. The great thing about index funds is that they do this by drawing money from ordinary people who have become rich by virtue of their hard work and generous donations.Don't be fooled themselves! In fact, all that is required in order to become an investor in an index Fund is to make a good habit of investing 10-20% of each income you receive.You will also need to make a decision about your personal finances very soon:will you be able to support your family in the event of a sudden force majeure;will you be able to make your first investment;will you be able to make your second investment;the size of your pension (after all, the size of your salary is the only reliable indicator of a person's financial well-being).3) Bonds. These are also called "junk" bonds. They are issued for uncertain reasons only after many years of extremely high volatility (which, as statistics show, it has already happened more than once).The fact is that bonds are very expensive. But unlike stocks, they are somewhat easier to lend money to (it is often said that it is much